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Welcome to Prometheus Lodge #87
Free & Accepted Masons ~ Gilbert, AZ

Prometheus lodge was founded in 2014, as part of the world’s oldest fraternity, dating back to ancient stone masons. We are proud to be the only lodge in the Town of Gilbert and seek to improve our community by improving ourselves, making good men better men.

Freemasonry is unique to every man, being veiled in symbols and allegory affording all brothers the opportunity to embark on their individual journey…with support of their brothers.

Masons come from all walks of life , both blue-collar and white-collar; urban, suburban and rural. What unifies Masons is not where we come from or what we do for a living, but rather what we aspire to be. Among our country’s early Masonic leaders were founding fathers George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and John Hancock.


Understand freemasonry basics. 

Freemasonry was founded by men who shared a commitment to supporting each other in friendship, fellowship and service to mankind. For thousands of years, men have found spiritual and philosophical fulfillment as members of the fraternity, which still operates on the same core values.

In order to become a Freemason, it is necessary to meet these requirements:

  • Be a man.

  • Have a sound reputation, and be well-recommended by your peers.

  • In freemasonry, you must believe in a Supreme Being, regardless of your religion.

  • Be over the age of 18 years.

Why are so many men joining Free Masons?

Freemasonry is a voluntary, fraternal organization, composed of men of good will, good character and good reputation, whom in jurisdictions around the world, believe in an Almighty Creator and practice the spirit of universal brotherhood to man. They are loyal to their country and devote their time to the principles of friendship and fellowship.  Their focus is to be of service to all mankind. For many men, Freemasonry fulfills a part of themselves that they intrinsically felt was missing.  Whether it be the social, the philosophical, the spiritual, the historical or simply a sense of community with others; you will find within Freemasonry that part of you which you seek.

If I join Freemasons, will I learn Freemasons secrets and Masonic Lodge Secrets?

Yes.  But, if Freemasons secrets and Masonic Lodge secrets are your main reason for joining, your enthusiasm will soon diminish.  Here are the Freemason’s secrets:  They are the grips, passwords, penal signs and ritual work. The remainder of the craft of Freemasonry is found in the Holy Books around the world, the Old Charges, which are old Manuscripts and Old Lodge Charters which date back to 1390, and in Freemason books. In fact, if you are considering becoming a Free Mason, the easiest way to begin learning about Freemasonry is to begin right here on our website and contact our Secretary below.

What will I gain if I become a Free Mason?

  1. You will never again be truly alone, because you are a part of a brotherhood of men who want to see you prosper in all ways possible and if it is within their ability, they will help you to do so.

  2. You will learn to focus your energies upon an upright and truthful life, and remove the more negative excesses which all of mankind must continually resist.

  3. If you become a Free Mason, you will become a better man, if you truly wish to study and learn.

What is the process in joining Prometheus #87 F&AM?

  1. Email our Secretary or walk in and ask how to join

  2. Sit in our Friend to Friend program and ask one of our Past Masters all the Freemason questions that are on your mind

  3. Attend regularly

  4. Fill out a petition and turn it into our Secretary

Becoming a Free Mason is perhaps best summed up by Freemason and stone sculptor, Gutzon Borglum, who with his son, Lincoln Borglum, sculpted the faces of 4 U.S. presidents into Mount Rushmore’s sheer stone peak near Keystone, South Dakota.

Begun in October, 1927 and completed in October 1941, (14 years later), over 400 workers worked on it during the carving process….with no lives lost. When he was asked how he carved stone into such beautiful statues, Gutzon Borglum replied:

“It is very simple.  I merely knock away with hammer and chisel the stone I do not need and the statue is there …… it was there all the time! “

…And so it is with each of us.

Like everything else in life, when you become a Freemason, you will receive from Freemasonry what you put into it.

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Did You Know?

Throughout history, the Masons diverse membership has consisted of emperors, kings, presidents, religious leaders, sports and entertainment legends, scientists, inventors and statesmen, including:

  • 14 Presidents of the United States

  • 35 United States Supreme Court Justices

  • 17 United States Senators

  • 32 United States Military Leaders

  • 13 Signers of the Constitution

If you would like to know more about Freemasonry, the Grand Lodge of Arizona has good information on its Website www.azmasons.org. There also links to misconceptions and myths about Freemasonry, its history, and how to join.