Got Education? Share!

Part of every man’s journey through Masonry involves focus on self and self-improvement. Our rituals and allegories are calculated to produce reflection and ultimately to bring light, or a clearer understanding of our place in the world. Sharing this light or understanding is an integral part of fellowship and deeper connections among us.

Do you have an idea for education?  Education is an important element of lodge activities. Each stated meeting should contain some education. Topics typically range from aspects of our ritual work to the more obscure esoteric meanings behind our allegories and mysteries.

Education could be about discoveries you have made along your Masonic journey; discoveries about yourself and your view of the world around you, or discoveries about deeper understanding or meaning applied to the rigors of life….please share!

Education can last as little as 10-15 minutes. So, if you have something to share, speak with the Worshipful Master or brother Senior Warden to schedule a time to impart your knowledge and perspective.