grand view procedure

Please go to after watching the video

Step 1. Enter the URL for your jurisdiction:
Step 2. Click on Member Portal
Step 3. Click on Member Registration
Step 4. Enter your Lodge Number
Step 5. Enter your Member ID
Step 6. Enter your Last Name – (case sensitive)
Step 7. Click on Check Membership Status
Step 8. Enter your email address
Step 9. Enter a password that you can remember (password must contain at least 8 characters)
Step 10. Enter Confirmation by entering password again
Step 11. Click on Submit

Once you are logged in please review your member information. If you find information that is incorrect and information that you feel is missing please email your Lodge Secretary with the information and ask that he correct the information or have the Grand Lodge correct it if necessary.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
George Mather
Grand Secretary